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During the island-wide coronavirus lockdown, BAMH has still been active achieving the following:

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The BAMH privacy policy is now available to read on this site and a link is available at the bottom of each page.

Visit to Brunswick Gardens

Many years ago, the owners of properties around Brunswick Road and Cronkbourne Road agreed that mental health service users could look after the river and glen area between the two roads. This land is in effect the occupants' communal front garden. Work is carried out on a voluntary basis by the service users and overseen and staffed by Manx Care professionals.

BAMH has assisted with the provision of facilities for many years including the erection of the on-site training rooms, greenhouses and other items to help make the Brunwick Gradens one of the most beautiful "hidden gardens" on the Isle of Man.

Each year, the neighbours are invited by the Social Care Team to an open day. Staff and service users recognise their ongoing generosity in allowing use of the land. Due to Covid-19, access to the gardens has been severely restricted but the Trustees were delighted to have been invited for a special visit in August 2020. The team are currently working on a project to enhance the existing sensory garden and to develop a new wetlands flora and fauna sanctuary at the bottom end of the glen.